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COVID-19 Communications

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Important Information Related to COVID-19

Health And Safety Plan:
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Spartan COVID Tracker:
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Video Conferencing Statement:

The NSSD has made reasonable efforts to ensure that videoconferencing is confidential, and access is limited to students in the assigned class. However, some of these services will be provided in a group format and when this occurs students will be able to see other students in the group. In addition, the NSSD is unable to control who else may be in the room in which a student is receiving these services remotely, including other family members or others who are living with the other students, who may observe the session and what other students are in the group. Due to the nature of virtual learning which includes Google Meet, parents also acknowledge and agree that the District (although it will take precautions to try to do so) may not be able to ensure confidentiality per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Virtual Learning Dress Code:

As per North Schuylkill School District’s Livestream Video Policy (816) students participating in a Livestream of academic instruction must also be dressed in proper attire consistent with the district’s dress code. (See Student Handbook for more information concerning dress code guidelines.)

Student virtual background while participating in Livestream:

As per North Schuylkill School District’s Livestream Video Policy (816) students must abide by the district’s code of conduct related to offensive imagery and may be held accountable for violations of this code of conduct while participating in Livestream. Within these guidelines, no offensive or vulgar imagery will be shown as background images during any classroom Livestream.