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The Principal's Office - North Schuylkill Jr./Sr. High School

I would like to thank the students, teachers, staff, and community for another successful year. Through your hard work and perseverance, we were able to keep our school doors open and provide in-person learning throughout the entire 2020 – 2021 school year. This was a feat not accomplished by many schools across the country. We overcame wearing masks in and out of the classroom and carrying shields throughout the school day. Through it, our students were able to obtain an excellent education. 

As everyone catches their breath from the rapid-fire changes endured over the past year we hopefully can find time to relax and recharge our batteries. Each and everyone one of us is a stronger person having overcome great adversity as well as learning new avenues and strategies for both learning and teaching. I hope that the pandemic is in our rearview mirror and we can once again look to the future and our destination taking with us the new tools we acquired this past year. 

 I believe that the past school year has placed a new value and importance on what we do in the classroom. Teachers have been teleported years in the future with their knowledge and ability to teach in a changing world to meet the needs of their students. Students got a glimpse of a world without in-person learning, teachers, sports, and yes – even school lunches. We all place a higher value on the importance and need of in-person education. 

 I hope that you all enjoy your summer and find time for some fun and relaxation. I would be remiss if I did not say to make reading a good book part of the summer months. We will be working this summer planning for a great 2021 – 2022 school year with a return to normalcy. Please feel free to stop by the school or call with any questions or concerns. 

 See everyone soon – but not too soon. 

 Ken O. Roseberry

Building Goals 2020-2021 (20/20 Vision)

Focus on…

1. See and adapt to your students’ needs

2. See and use resources available

3. See and utilize ways to implement technology

Ken Roseberry - Principal

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Email: kroseberry@northschuylkill.net

Nicholas Sajone - Assistant Principal

Phone: 570-874-0466
Email: nsajone@northschuylkill.net