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As everyone prepares to begin the 2020-2021 school year we are all met with the fear of the unknown. Every new year brings a wave of anxiousness and stress but both usually are met with the comfort of familiarity. There are always new teachers and new students, but outside of a few minor changes – we return to what we know. This comfort will be missing from the start of this year as we ask ourselves new questions like:

  • Will my child attend physically or virtually?
  • Will my child have to wear a mask all day?
  • Will my child have to carry a shield to lunch?
  • Will I be able to take home my chrome book?
  • Are hallways one directional?
  • Are my classes at home the same as in school?
  • Do I have to follow the dress code if I come to school?
  • Will there be sports for me to participate in or watch?

The one thing that will remain the same is our commitment to keeping your child safe while providing the best education possible. We have spent the summer trying to keep up with the changes mandated and recommended from the different localities, state, and even the federal government in an attempt to be prepared for opening day. We are currently trying to keep everyone informed on how we will reopen school and the steps we are taking to keep everyone safe while providing an excellent education.

We believe parents are best suited to make the decision of how and where their child will be educated. Our job is to explain our plan and provide both physical and virtual options that are comparable. Our hope is to service all the needs of our students regardless of this choice.

As we welcome you back to a new school year we ask that you keep an open mind. The world seems to have changed overnight and we are trying to meet those changes. While procedures and policies may change, one thing will remain the same – our commitment to you. Our Mission’s Possible and like any good sequel, the characters remain the same while the plot and story line changes.

Mr. Ken O. Roseberry, Principal
Mrs. Liza Ulceski, Assistant Principal

Building Goals 2020-2021 (20/20 Vision)

Focus on…

1. See and adapt to your students’ needs

2. See and use resources available

3. See and utilize ways to implement technology

Ken Roseberry - Principal

Phone: 570-874-0466
Email: kroseberry@northschuylkill.net

Liza Ulceski - Assistant Principal

Phone: 570-874-0466
Email: lulceski@northschuylkill.net