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The Principal's Office - North Schuylkill Jr./Sr. High School

On behalf of the North Schuylkill Junior Senior High School Administration we would like to welcome you to the 2021 – 2022 school year. With the pandemic in our rear view mirror we look at the open road ahead of us with optimism and a renewed sense determination to reach new milestones. We believe our school is the vehicle best equipped to navigate the potholes and accelerate each individual student to reach their desired destination.

We have several new people joining us this year to help us on our journey. Mr. Jacob Shoener is replacing Mr. Bill Lennox as the band director and is already running practices and preparing for another outstanding year. Mr. Edward Pavalko will be taking over for Ms. Marybeth Sugrue in science attempting to fill the shoes of his biology teacher when he attended North Schuylkill. Administratively we lost Mr. Ty Wartman as Dean of Students and Mrs. Liza Ulceski as Assistant Principal. Both are moving on to further their careers and experiences at other Districts and we wish them the best. New to our school and district is Mr. Nick Sajone who will be our new Assistant Principal at the Junior Senior High School.

Our desire and goal is to open school and return to normal with all classes, activities, sports, and events fully opening. In order to ensure school staying open and students being able to learn in person we will be requiring all students, staff, and visitors to wear masks. We are currently planning to open with without shields, split lunches, and virtual learning. Unfortunately, this is subject to the recommendations and mandates of state and federal agencies. None-the-less, we continue to plan for the best case scenario.

While leaving some things behind we will keep some guard rails in place like our one directional hallways, one to one chrome books, AM and PM homerooms, and lockers for 9-12 to name a few. The dress code will once again be relaxed, but enforced, and students will be allowed to carry backpacks throughout the day. We believe through the adversity of the last year we have developed new skills that will enable us to have a safer and more efficient journey.

We are excited to begin the 2021-2022 school and welcome everyone back. We are ready to get back on the road. Our school is fueled up with the check engine light off and we are ready to put the last year in our rear view mirror. We have turned off the Cruz control and GPS as we head purposefully toward challenging ourselves to reach our potential.

Ken O. Roseberry

Ken Roseberry - Principal

Phone: 570-874-0466
Email: kroseberry@northschuylkill.net

Nicholas Sajone - Assistant Principal

Phone: 570-874-0466
Email: nsajone@northschuylkill.net