Elementary Staff Directory


Name Position Email
Ackell, R. Superintendent rackell@northschuylkill.net
Amos, R. Business Manager / Director of Buildings and Grounds ramos@northschuylkill.net
Andrewcavage, M. Coordinator of Computer Services and Technology marka@northschuylkill.net
Brayford, K. Supervisor of Special Education kbrayford@northschuylkill.net
Greblick, C. Assistant Supervisor of Special Education, Gifted Coordinator cgreblick@northschuylkill.net
Groody, K. Supervisor of Curriculum and Federal Programs kgroody@northschuylkill.net
Glessner, C. Dean of Students cglessner@northschuylkill.net
Gross, J. Athletic Director/P.R. Coordinator jgross@northschuylkill.net
Hansbury, J. Elementary Assistant Principal jhansbury@northschuylkill.net
Shatalsky, K. Cafeteria Manager kshatalsky@northschuylkill.net
Whitaker, J. Elementary Principal jwhitaker@northschuylkill.net

Office Staff

Name Position Email
Cogan, J. Child Accounting Secretary jcogan@northschuylkill.net
Craig, M. Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent mcraig@northschuylkill.net
Dziczek, M. NSE Office Secretary mdziczek@northschuylkill.net
Idacavage, L. NSE Office Secretary lidacavage@northschuylkill.net
Koutch, D. NSE Secretary dkoutch@northschuylkill.net
Ressler, N. District Purchasing Agent njr@northschuylkill.net
Sokoloski, G. Special Education Secretary gsokoloski@northschuylkill.net
Tobin, S. District Payroll Secretary stobin@northschuylkill.net
Zeigenfuse, P. Business Office/Transportation Secretary pamz@northschuylkill.net
Zilker, M. Accounting Specialist mzilker@northschuylkill.net


Name Position Email Blog
Hull, M. Guidance Counselor mhull@northschuylkill.net Blog Link
Knecht, K. School Psychologist kknecht@northschuylkill.net
Rollenhagen, M. Social Worker mrollenhagen@northschuylkill.net


Name Position Email Blog
David, B. Librarian bdavid@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog
Pukavage, A. Library Aide apukavage@northschuylkill.net

Health Services

Name Position Email Blog
O'Hearn, M. Nurse's Aide mohearn@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog
Trask, L. School Nurse ltrask@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog

Title I

Name Position Email Homework Blog
Hall, W. Title I Math Teacher whall@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog
Houser, S. Title I Math Teacher shouser@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog
Huntsinger, B. Title I Reading Teacher bhuntsinger@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog
Tarantelli, A. Title I Reading Teacher atarantelli@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog

Special Education

Name Position Email Homework Blog
Adams, T. Emotional Support Teacher tadams@northschuylkill.net  
Anderson, E. Learning Support Teacher eanderson@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog
Bennett, A. Learning Support Teacher abennett@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog
Damiter, J. Behavior Specialist jdamiter@northschuylkill.net  
Forney, S. Behavior Specialist sforney@northschuylkill.net  
Hornberger, P. Speech Pathologist Teacher phornberger@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog
Jones, A. Learning Support Teacher ajones@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog
Lang, M. Learning Support Teacher mlang@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog 
Leibensperger, M. Learning Support Teacher mleibensperger@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog
Lesher, A. Autistic Support alesher@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog
Malloy, A. Autistic Support amalloy@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog
Miernicki, P. COTA Teacher pmiernicki@northschuylkill.net  
Miller, M. Learning Support Teacher mmiller@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog
Mogish, L. Occupational Therapist lmogish@northschuylkill.net  
Nestor, N. District Wide Gifted/Instructional Coach nnestor@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog
O'Prey, J. Learning Support Teacher joprey@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog
Pavalko, A. Speech Pathologist apavalko@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog
Ratkiewicz, C. Speech Pathologist cratkiewicz@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog
Ryder, A. Speech Pathologist aryder@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog
Tenaglia, M. Learning Support Teacher metenaglia@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog
Weinreich, K. Life Skills Support Teacher kweinreich@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog
Wilinsky, S. Learning Support Teacher swilinsky@northschuylkill.net Homework Blog
Wislosky, M. Junior High Life Skills Support mwislosky@northschuylkill.net Link