Elementary Principal's Office

The Principal's Office - North Schuylkill Elementary

Message from the North Schuylkill Elementary Principals:

Happy SUMMER, Spartan Families!

It is amazing to see the end of the school year arrived so quickly. We are so proud of everyone for your commitment and dedication in the 2021-2022 school year. On behalf of all of us at North Schuylkill Elementary, we would like to thank you for your patience, enthusiasm, and support shown these past ten months. We have had successes and some challenges, yet despite all, we continued the work that needed done to ensure the safety and educational needs of our students.

While the momentum is still there, please continue to foster your child’s love of learning over the summer months. The Ringtown, Ashland, and Frackville Libraries have wonderful reading programs for children of all ages. Reading for pleasure is a consistent indicator for academic success. Reading helps to build vocabulary, critical thinking and imagination! Happy READING!!!

With the recent tragedy that unfolded in Texas, we are forever thankful for the safety procedures in place in the North Schuylkill School District. The support of our School Resource Officer, along with local law enforcement, ensures our commitment to keeping your children safe and secure on school grounds.

We would like to take a few moments to extend a special thank you to our incredible school faculty and staff who work very hard, on a daily basis, to guide our children and help them learn and grow. We would be hard pressed to find a more caring and dedicated group of teachers and paraprofessionals. We would also like to thank our PTO Board and our parent volunteers for their hours of dedication to help enrich our school and build a sense of community for our students.

We wish you safe travels and an abundance of joy, laughter, and love this summer with your family and friends. Life is short and tomorrow is never promised, so please spread kindness- even to those who you may not want to! Be grateful for what you DO have, and make the best of today!

To those of you who are leaving us for new places, we wish you all the best! For those families returning…we will see you in August! Save the DATES: August 15, 2022 Kindergarten Orientation; August 17, 2022 Meet the Teacher Grades 1 – 3; August 18, 2022 Meet the Teacher Grades 4 – 6.

Ms. Janice M. Whitaker, Principal
Mrs. Janel Hansbury, Assistant Principal

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” - Michelangelo

Building Goals 2021-2022

Goal #1: Fostering a Respectful Learning Environment with the FOCUS on Connection, Community and Relationships 

To create a supportive and positive classroom and school environment, where every child feels physically and emotionally safe and connected to the school and staff, as evidenced through SEL practices and PBIS plans, and monitoring data, student surveys, discipline and attendance.

Tips to Achieve Goal #1:

Establish Positive Relationships. Get started early. Build positive relationships with students and parents starting before the first day of school.
Clear Communication. Speak their language. Use humor, technology, or other strategies to get on their level. Use Morning Meetings, Community Circles, and Discussion Boards to pose daily questions regarding students’ health and well-being.
Trust. Let your students make responsible decisions.

Goal #2: Providing Students with High Quality Instruction with the FOCUS on Matching Teaching to Student Learning Needs

To teach all content areas with fidelity and consistency, as evidenced through common grading and assessments, shared lesson planning, and shared communication with MTSS/SHIELD Team. Student achievement data will be monitored and discussed in grade level meetings.

Tips to Achieve Goal #2: 

Utilize Effective Teaching Practices. Use rigorous, evidence-based, instructional frameworks that develop learners’ academic, behavioral, emotional, and social knowledge, skills, and habits.
Differentiate Instruction. Teaching strategies are differentiated, universally designed, and responsive to accommodate all students’ individual learning differences.
Set Expectations. Messages of high expectations and care for each learner are conveyed.

Janice M. Whitaker - Elementary Principal

Photo of Janice M. Whitaker - Elementary Principal

Phone: 570-874-3661
Email: jwhitaker@northschuylkill.net

Janel Hansbury - Assistant Principal

Photo of Janel Hansbury  - Assistant Principal

Phone: 570-874-3661
Email: jhansbury@northschuylkill.net