Jr./Sr. High School Staff Directory


Name Position Email
Ackell, R. Superintendent rackell@northschuylkill.net
Amos, R. Business Manager ramos@northschuylkill.net
Andrewcavage, M. Coordinator of Computer Services and Technology marka@northschuylkill.net
Brayford, K. Supervisor of Special Education kbrayford@northschuylkill.net
Greblick, C. Assistant Supervisor of Special Education, Gifted Coordinator cgreblick@northschuylkill.net
Groody, K. Supervisor of Curriculum & Federal Programs kgroody@northschuylkill.net
Gross, J. Athletic Director/P.R. Coordinator jgross@northschuylkill.net
Roseberry, K. Jr./Sr. Hight School Principal kroseberry@northschuylkill.net
Shatalsky, K. Cafeteria Manager kshatalsky@northschuylkill.net
Ulceski, L. Assistant Principal lulceski@northschuylkill.net
Wartman, T. Dean of Students twartman@northschuylkill.net

Office Staff

Name Position Email
Craig, M. Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent mcraig@northschuylkill.net
Groody, A. Secretary agroody@northschuylkill.net
McGraw, H. Jr./Sr High Secretary hmcgraw@northschuylkill.net
Smith, L. Jr./Sr High Secretary lsmith@northschuylkill.net
Sokoloski, G. Special Education Secretary gsokoloski@northschuylkill.net

Health Services

Name Position Email
Leiby, N. School Nurse nleiby@northschuylkill.net
Russell, K. School Nurse krrussell@northschuylkill.net


Name Position Email Homework Blog
Miller, D. Library Aide domiller@northschuylkill.net

Foreign Language

Name Position Email Homework Blog
Furman, L. Spanish Teacher lfurman@northschuylkill.net Link
Moyer, D. Spanish Teacher dmoyer@northschuylkill.net Link


Name Position Email Homework Blog
Colihan, M. Practical Arts Teacher mcolihan@northschuylkill.net Link
Herring, K. Fine Arts Teacher kherring1@northschuylkill.net Link
Kline, B. Fine Arts Teacher bkline@northschuylkill.net Link
Lennox, W. Fine Arts Teacher/Band Director wlennox@northschuylkill.net Link
Price, J. Fine Arts Teacher jprice@northschuylkill.net Link
Scheib, K. Industrial Arts Teacher kscheib@northschuylkill.net Link
Snyder, J. Industrial Arts Teacher jsnyder@northschuylkill.net Link
Stone, K. Industrial Arts Teacher kstone@northschuylkill.net Link

Physical Education

Name Position Email Homework Blog
Frew, S. Physical Education Teacher sfrew@northschuylkill.net Link
Minalda, L. Physical Education Teacher lminalda@northschuylkill.net Link
Mutchler , T. Physical Education Teacher tmutchler@northschuylkill.net Link
Nestor, S. Physical Education Teacher snestor@northschuylkill.net Link

Special Education

Name Position Email Homework Blog
Brayford, N. Learning Support Teacher nbrayford@northschuylkill.net Link
Colangecco, A. Learning Support Teacher acolangecco@northschuylkill.net Link
Demko, C. Behavior Specialist cdemko@northschuylkill.net
Jacavage, J. Learning Support Teacher jjacavage@northschuylkill.net Link
Kunkel, M. Learning Support Teacher mkunkel@northschuylkill.net Link
Maziekas, A. Lifeskills Support Teacher amaziekas@northschuylkill.net Link
Miernicki, P. COTA Teacher pmiernicki@northschuylkill.net
Mogish, L. Occupational Therapist lmogish@northschuylkill.net  
Mroczka, K. Autistic Support Teacher kmroczka@northschuylkill.net Link
Palmerio, J. Emotional Support Teacher jpalmerio@northschuylkill.net Link
Refi, M. Itinerant Support Teacher marefi@northschuylkill.net Link
Ryder, A. Speech Pathologist aryder@northschuylkill.net  
Steiff, J. Itinerant Support Teacher jsteiff@northschuylkill.net Link
Subick, A. Learning Support Teacher asubick@northschuylkill.net Link
Wislosky, M. Junior High Life Skills Support mwislosky@northschuylkill.net Link
Welker, D. Learning Support Teacher dwelker@northschuylkill.net Link
Wetzel, R. Emotional Support Teacher rwetzel@northschuylkill.net Link

Fountain Springs Cyber Academy

Name Position Email Homework Blog
Sharp, J. Teacher jsharp@northschuylkill.net Link