District Announcements

District Announcements

Notice of Opportunity Scholarships

June 22, 2017

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Opioid Letter

April 18, 2016

Dear Parents,

Any information contained in this letter is not intended as medical advice, but simply to alert families to the existence of alternatives to opioids and that any such choices should be discussed with their physicians. 

In 2014 nearly 2500 Pennsylvanians died from drug overdoses, many from opiate-based drugs. I am sure many of you know of people that have died in your area due to an overdose. Unfortunately, many have kept silent due to the social stigma, but that has only fueled an increase in deaths. Heroin does not discriminate among race, ethnicity, gender, nor socioeconomic status. If you have chance, please watch this episode from CBS’s 60 Minutes, which originally aired in October, 2015. http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/heroin-in-the-heartland-2/

An increasing number of heroin overdoses are being experienced by young adults that have become addicted to opiate-based pharmaceuticals prescribed to them due to school sports injuries or common accidents. Oxycotin, Demerol, and Percoset, and many other opiate-based pain killers, can become highly addictive after an extended period of use. A person that is addicted could purchase Oxycotin on the black market for $80 a pill. Due to that expense, many switch to heroin, which is now only $5 per small bag. However, heroin transforms the brain to want this stimulus in ever increasing quantities. No one can just experiment with heroin, once you use it you are hooked, and in most cases, heroin will lead to death from overdose. 

While we can not totally eradicate the drug problem, we can diminish its effects on society through education. That is the point of this letter. When your child is injured, you do not have to simply accept what the doctor is prescribing for pain. Below is a list of opiate-based drugs, and alternative non-addictive pain killers that can be prescribed instead. Please be aware of your options and ask your doctor or pharmacist these critical questions to save your child from the potential for addiction. Heroin overdoses have increased by over 400% in the last few years. By following this advice, we may finally start witnessing a decrease in opiate addiction, along with overdoses caused by addicts switching to the cheaper fix of heroin. Thank you for your consideration.

If you have any additional questions:

Schuylkill County
Drug and Alcohol Hotline

Carbon County
Drug and Alcohol Hotline

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Special Education Plan Report - Draft

March 18, 2016

North Schuylkill SD
Special Education Plan Report –Draft
07/01/2016 - 06/30/2019

Copies of the plan will also be available in the Special Education office, Elementary Office, Superintendent’s Office, and the Business Office.

School Performance Profile Score

November 4, 2015

The NS Jr./Sr. High School set a very aggressive goal last year to hit an 80 on our SPP score. This is our School Performance Profile Score from the state.

We worked very hard as a district to try to reach this goal. Our score last year was 71.5 which ranked us in the middle of the schools in our county.

The State released the scores earlier today. Due to increased rigor and higher expectations most schools were projected to decrease – and many did in fact go down. After all our hard work and focus we were hoping to increase our score knowing it would be very difficult to hit 80.

We were also looking to improve our ranking among county schools.

It is with great excitement that we announce we not only achieved our goal, but we surpassed it - scoring an 82.9.

Additionally, we are now the top ranked academic school in our county. We are number 1. Congratulations Spartans!

Let's continue to 212 it this year! If you would like to look state wide SPP scores link below:


Robert J. Ackell, ED.D., Superintendent

IU29 Guest Teacher Program

October 8, 2015

Do you have a Bachelor’s Degree but no teaching certificate?

Are you interested in substitute teaching in Schuylkill County schools? We have a training program for you and the schools need your help!

The Guest Teacher Program is organized by Schuylkill Intermediate Unit 29 Curriculum Department.  The program prepares you to replace classroom teachers during their absence. You must have a Bachelor’s Degree and no PA teaching certificate. This program is not intended for teachers who have a lapsed or inactive PA certificate.

The purpose of the training is to explain the program, provide information, meet with Schuylkill Intermediate Unit 29 administrators and school district administrators, obtain feedback from prior guest teachers, and respond to your questions.  The procedure for applying for emergency certification will be fully explained and Curriculum Department staff will assist you with completion of the required paperwork.  During these training sessions, you will learn about professionalism, lesson planning, behavior/classroom management, special education, and techniques to deal with today's students.

Upon successful completion of the two full-day training sessions, completion of required paperwork, and approval from the PA Department of Education, you will be qualified to work as a substitute in any subject area for the current academic school year in any of the county’s public schools.

If this interests you or someone you know please visit www.iu29.org to learn more about the Guest Teacher Program and see available training dates. Once on the site select Human Resources/Guest Teacher Program.

The participating school entities in Schuylkill County appreciate your interest and willingness to become involved in the education of children and look forward to seeing you in their classrooms!

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North Schuylkill Press Release On The Purchase of Cardinal Brennan

January 22, 2015

We are pleased to announce the addition of the Cardinal Brennan campus to our existing campus at North Schuylkill School District. This expansion will serve the communities that comprise North Schuylkill, and our greatest assets, the students of the North Schuylkill School District. Our students have been at the forefront of our decision making as members of the North Schuylkill School Board. This acquisition was thoroughly researched and planned with our Board and Administrative team. We understand that with all decisions to purchase property numerous questions will arise.

The first item we would like to convey is that the purchase was made possible due to the financial planning of our Business Manager, Mr. Robert Amos. Mr. Amos is fiscally conservative and is a steward of our tax dollars. He has enabled us to utilize monies from our Capital Reserve Fund, a fund that may only be used for Capital Projects, of which the purchase of this real estate is included. As a result of sound fiscal planning, your taxes will not increase due to the purchase of this beautiful campus.

Secondly, during this process it was our understanding that several types of businesses and industry were interested in the purchase of Cardinal Brennan. We wanted to preserve our neighborhood from negative environmental impacts and safety concerns while preserving the heritage and memories of those who have attended the school, from the time it was the Immaculate Heart Academy to becoming Cardinal Brennan.
Our decision was also impacted by our continued lack of space on our existing campus for academic pursuits and athletic competitions. We believe our students need additional facilities to grow and excel in all of their scholastic endeavors. We also believe that we need to be forward thinking with the possible needs of the educational process and the demands on the educational system to become more competitive, through individualized instruction, while maximizing our physical facilities. The Cardinal Brennan campus is contiguous to our already existing property which will allow for future opportunities for our students.

We would like to thank the Diocese of Allentown for working with us to allow us to expand our campus and preserve our neighborhood, while keeping the memories of Cardinal Brennan intact and allowing the property to continue to be utilized for educational purposes. We look forward to the opportunity to continue to build on the educational programming of our School District in working to provide the greatest educational exposure for our children. We are excited to have the potential to increase activities and events at North Schuylkill through this acquisition, and we expect our school district to become a hub of activity, to include our Community Involvement Series and many athletic and recreational pursuits being offered to the greater North Schuylkill community.

Press Release (PDF)

Child Abuse History Certification (Clearance) Applications

August 18, 2015

This message is being sent to provide you with information related to applying for your Child Abuse History Certification (Clearance) for volunteer and non-volunteer purposes. Please note that the term “clearance” has been changed in the law to “certification”, so that these two terms have the same meaning for the purposes of this email.

Individuals applying for their Child Abuse History Certification can apply, and if applicable, pay online at www.compass.state.pa.us/cwis. Applying for your Child Abuse History Certification online expedites the application process and provides the applicant with their results electronically. The Department of Human Services (DHS) strongly encourages applicants to apply for their Child Abuse History Certification electronically as this streamlines the process and makes it more efficient for the applicants.

For applicants who prefer to apply for their Child Abuse History Certification by paper, DHS will continue to accept paper applications. Please know that submitting a paper application takes additional time to process.

For individuals applying for their Child Abuse History Certification for non-volunteer purposes, the fee has been reduced to $8. DHS will be issuing refunds for overpayment of fees for those applications that were submitted after July 25, 2015. For applications submitted with an overpayment prior to July 25, 2015, no refund will be issued. For individuals applying for their Child Abuse History Certification for volunteer purposes, the fee has been waived and no payment is required.

For those applicants submitting payment with an application for volunteer purposes, the application will be processed and the payment will be returned.


NS Partners With Source4Teachers

July 6, 2015


The North Schuylkill School District has partnered with Source4Teachers to manage its substitute teacher program.

With the vision of enhancing the educational experience for students, Source4Teachers recruits, hires, trains, places and manages talented substitute personnel. Additionally, the company offers benefits including health insurance and a 401k. Whether you’re interested in working one day a week or five, Source4Teachers offer a variety of positions to match your availability and interests.

Apply now to join the Source4Teachers team – Source4Teachers will give you the training and guidance you need to succeed!

Apply Now: https://www.source4teachers.com/

NutriKids Cafeteria System

September 23, 2014

North Schuylkill School District has recently adopted a new Point of Sale payment system for all school meals purchased in the district's cafeterias. The first day of service for this new system will be Wednesday, September 24th for the High School and Thursday September 25th for the Elementary School.

As with the old system, if your student has qualified for free or reduced price lunches or breakfasts, this information is securely contained within the system and the meal will be processed just as it is for all other students. There is no need to be concerned for a potentially uncomfortable situation for the student.

If you are concerned about a food allergy that your student has, please notify the cafeteria with this information. A warning will appear on the cashier’s screen for a quick review of the items on the student’s meal tray.

Once the transition is complete, we will be implementing a new system for online meal payments.

Thank you in advance for your patience in implementing this system.

Pennsylvania CHIP Program

September 26, 2014

With the 2014-15 school year under way, it’s important for students to have access to the health care they need.

The Pennsylvania Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) can help.

For many Pennsylvania families, CHIP is free or offered at a low cost.

Coverage is provided by private health insurance carriers with a generous benefits package and robust medical provider networks.

Last year, Governor Corbett eliminated the waiting period so that no uninsured child would need to wait to apply.

Additionally, parents, teachers, families and school nurses can access CHIP information via the links below.

CHIP’s Main Website: http://www.chipcoverspakids.com/

Downloadable Materials and Handouts for Schools and Parents: http://www.chipcoverspakids.com/chip-resources/resources-for-organizations-community-partners-and-school-districts/e-toolkit/downloads/

What is CHIP: http://www.chipcoverspakids.com/about-chip/what-is-chip/

Eligibility and Benefits: http://www.chipcoverspakids.com/eligibility-and-requirements/

Apply for and/or Renew CHIP Coverage: http://www.chipcoverspakids.com/apply-and-renew/

As you know, healthy children are healthy learners. Please use these materials to get the word out that CHIP coverage is well within reach.

Traffic Changes

August 21, 2014

As construction projects get underway at both North Schuylkill Jr/Sr High School, and North Schuylkill Elementary School, the school district has established new bus loop, and student drop off/ pick up procedures. The changes, which go into effect on Monday, the first day of school, are being made to ensure the safety of all students and staff members. Parents, along with faculty and staff, are encouraged to take note of the following changes:

At North Schuylkill Jr/Sr High School, the following rules will take effect:

  • All buses will drop off and pick up at the main entrance of the school
  • All parents dropping off, and/or picking up students, must do so in the lower parking lot (near the gymnasium entrance). Parents should follow the traffic directional signs, completing a loop and exiting the same way they entered.
  • Parents should not arrive prior to 2:25 pm to pick up their children
  • There will be no parking in the lower lot (near the gymnasium entrance), except when picking up a student at the end of the school day.
  • While construction takes place at the back of the North Schuylkill Elementary School, some restrictions will take place concerning student drop off/pick up.
  • There will be no parking permitted at the back of the Elementary school.
  • Expect heavy congestion at the main entrance to the school.
  • Parking will be forbidden in areas that will restrict the flow of traffic for the school buses. Buses will be lined up in a specific order, so the children can access them without any confusion
The construction projects are scheduled to last throughout the entire 2014-15 school year. Parents are urged to exercise patience upon entering the campus to drop off or pick up their children.